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Stock Photos

Woman Looking for MetroCard and Blocking Turnstile While People Wait to Enter
Woman on Subway Platform Giving Directions to Tourist
Man and Woman Texting While Walking on Sidewalk
Man Playing Sudoku on Subway While Women Look Over His Shoulder
People Sleeping on Subway
Pregnant Woman Stands on Subway While People Sit and Play with Phones
Man Hogging Subway Pole
Hands of People Holding Subway Pole
People on Subway Reading Spanish, Chinese and French Newspapers
Women Crowded by Manspreading on Subway
People on Hot Subway Platform Sweating and Fanning Themselves
People’s Feet in a Range of Footwear Around Subway Pole
Woman Holding Elevator Door While Other Passengers Wait Impatiently
Woman Eating Takeout on Subway While Man Gives Side Eye
Woman Texting at Top of Subway Stairs While Others Try to Exit
People Reading Show-off Books on Subway
Diverse Group of People on Stoop Drinking Out of Paper Bags
Women Sitting on Stoop Drinking Out of Paper Bags
Man and Woman Eating Folded Slices of Pizza and Smiling
Woman Eating a Dollar Slice and Smiling
Woman Folding a Pizza Slice and Smiling
Man Trying to Figure Out What Just Dripped on Him
Woman Jaywalking with Confidence
Woman Eating A Hot Dog From A Street Cart
Man Trying to Get a Citibike Out of a Broken Dock
Stealing a Taxi with an Upstream Hail
Woman Trying to Turn Off TV in Taxi
Man Getting into Taxi While Woman Tries to Enter from Other Side
Woman Gives Side Eye to Manspreading
Woman Jaywalking Across Avenue
Something Dripping from Above and It’s Not Rain
Man and Woman Arguing Over Cab
Woman Getting into Cab Ahead of Other Person Waiting
Woman Threading Through Traffic Because Cars Are Blocking the Box
Woman Applying Makeup on Subway

Quintessential NYC Stock Photos

There are millions of stock photos online, with titles like "Woman Laughing Alone with Salad." Still, we thought there should be a few more -- specifically stock photos showing true New York City situations. The pictures are free to download and licensed for non-commercial and editorial use.