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* Daily usage stats vary widely between BreakFree (Android users) and Moment (iPhone users). The baseline average for BreakFree users was about 150 minutes a day. The baseline for Moment users was around 100 minutes. The figure above is a weighted average of both groups. To find out more, click here.

Bored and Brilliant Challenge Tracker

Boredom is crucial to the creative process. But many of us check our phones so frequently, our minds never get the chance to wander. WNYC’s New Tech City wants to help you have bigger, more creative ideas by finding balance with your devices. Update Feb. 11: Thousands of people used our partner apps BreakFree and Moment* to track their phone use while trying a week of challenges. Here's how they did! These are people who joined before the first baseline day, Jan. 26. (It previously included people who joined later and had only partial data.)