Crystal Gravely
19 years old

After Crystal Gravely passed away, her parents didn’t like to go into her room. “It smelled too much like her,” said her father. To him, it was an overwhelming reminder of the loss of his only child, whom he called “Winky.”

But in the months that followed, family members boxed up her clothes and converted the room into a den for playing baseball on Nintendo, which they nicknamed, “Winky Memorial Stadium.”

Her father says the room is now a permanent reminder of the daughter he knew: a poker player, Yankee fan, beauty expert, designated “walker home” for friends who’d had too much to drink. “My best friend,” he concluded.

On the wall hangs her favourite denim jacket covered in love heart buttons. In a tank below lives her turtle, Daydolph Butch. She loved reptiles and wanted to work in nature conservation.

A few weeks before Gravely died, her father asked her opinion on his outfit: beige pants and a white hoodie. “She told me I looked like an ice cream cone,” he said. And that’s what he misses most -- someone who could always make him laugh, even when he didn’t want to.

This collision happened on April 4, 2014 near 19th Ave and 37th St in Queens. See details in the Mean Streets Tracker.

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