Mohammad Uddin
14 years old

At Mohammad Naiem Uddin’s funeral, his close friend, Maisha, described how she thought they would grow old together playing Chinese poker. Even if they didn’t get that far, she figured that they’d at least still make time to hang out with each other in college.

But when Naiem died on his way home from school in November, plans like these were lost. A freshman at Brooklyn Tech, Naiem was described by friends as quiet, intelligent and generous. He was creative and loved photography.

Naiem grew up in the Bangladeshi community in Kensington, the second of three children. Like his older sister Rabia, he was the valedictorian of his class at PS 130, and a strong student at MS 51 and Brooklyn Tech.

For many of the students who attended the funeral, it was the third friend they’d lost to traffic violence in the past year: Sammy Cohen-Eckstein, Joie Sellers, and Naiem were all in the same grade at MS 51.

This collision happened on November 20, 2014 near East 7th Street and Caton Avenue in Brooklyn. See details in the Mean Streets Tracker.

Mean Streets 2014: Who We Lost, How They Lived

Throughout 2014, WNYC tracked the 265 men, women and children killed in traffic crashes in New York City. In addition to reporting the circumstances of their deaths, we looked at who they were in life: mothers, fathers, grandparents, students, recent immigrants and native New Yorkers. To read some of their stories, click on a photograph.