Leroy Samuel
22 years old

Sometimes when Lyndasia Breville was watching television with her boyfriend Leroy Samuel he would disappear. But she always knew where to find him.

“I would catch him standing in the mirror in the bathroom checking himself out, flossing his teeth or inspecting his skin for new pimples,” she said, “He took good care of himself.”

The couple met through mutual friends when they were 17 but went to different schools, so it was three years before they were ‘official’. “I made it pretty hard for him,” recalled Lyndasia. “But he was a gorgeous guy. It was his charm that got me in the end.”

Leroy was also honest and vibrant, said Lyndasia, which also helped her fall for him. “He would always motivate me to get up, do things, go out to eat, not just lie in bed. He made sure everyone was okay.”

Leroy worked in construction but often talked about owning his own business and settling down with a family. Lyndasia is now pregnant with their first child.

This collision happened on June 25, 2014 near Atlantic Avenue exit of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway in Brooklyn. See details in the Mean Streets Tracker.

Mean Streets 2014: Who We Lost, How They Lived

Throughout 2014, WNYC tracked the 265 men, women and children killed in traffic crashes in New York City. In addition to reporting the circumstances of their deaths, we looked at who they were in life: mothers, fathers, grandparents, students, recent immigrants and native New Yorkers. To read some of their stories, click on a photograph.